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We write and edit in plain language; computer programs can score our writing for clarity, and a few organisations offer to test or certify documents as clear. But, however much we may agree on what makes a document clear and easy to read, we are each writing or testing to our own standards.

Since 2017, Clarity has been working towards developing an objective, measurable, universal multi-language standard for plain language, through the International Plain Language Federation. Last week, the International Organization for Standardization agreed to start work on an ISO standard for plain language.

Our next Clarity breakfast is on Wednesday 2 October 2019, from 8.00 to 9.30am in the City of London. The topic is Setting standards for plain language and our speaker is Christopher Balmford, past President of Clarity and the current leader of the working group promoting the new ISO standard.

There is no charge to attend. As usual, non-members are welcome to try one meeting before they join Clarity, but Clarity members have priority when booking. After you register, you will receive full details of the venue and agenda.

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