Privacy Notice

Information we collect about you and what we do with it.

If we collect information about you, we’ll only use it to provide the services you want. Once that is done, we won’t share it with anyone else. We’ll delete it as soon as you ask us to.

When you visit. A visit to this website gives us anonymised information about your browsing that doesn’t identify you personally. For more information, see the cookie policy.

If you leave a comment on our blog. When you post a comment, we ask for your name and email address. Your name, but not the email address, will appear with the time and date you posted the comment. All this info will be stored in the website’s database. The information is used only to identify you as the contributor. Your comment and name will stay on the site unless you ask us to remove it, or we decide to delete it. If you want us to delete the comment and the personal details you gave us, please email from the email address you used to make comments.

If you sign up for emails. When you sign up to receive emails about new blog posts, we ask for your email address (so you can get the alert) and also your name, so that we can address you by name. We keep these details in our subscriber database. We will keep this information as long as we use them to send emails, unless you unsubscribe. There’s an Unsubscribe link in every email, or email from the address you gave.

If you send us sample text. When you send us text for editing, please delete all sensitive information and anonymise any personal information. We’ll keep your text confidential, use it only to show you how it might look if edited, and destroy it within 6 months afterwards.

Other contact. When you contact us for any other reason, we’ll keep your contact details in our database of client contacts, use them only for the original purpose and follow-up inquiries, until we are sure we won’t need to contact you again or you ask us to delete them.

Who controls and processes your data. The data controller is Daphne Perry, trading as ClarifyNow, at 200 Kingston Rd, London SW19 3NU, England. We don’t use anyone else to process personal data for us.

Reporting data breaches. If we have a data breach that involves unencrypted data, we’ll report it to you and to the Information Commissioner’s Office within 72 hours.

Your data rights. You have the right to see any personal data we hold about you, correct it, or have us delete it from our records. (Personal data is any information that could be used to identify you.)

Complaints. Complaints about privacy can be made at any time to the Information Commissioner’s Office, at But we hope that, before you do that, you will first allow us to fix the problem if we can.

Send your privacy requests to .

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