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My latest article on writing to clients gives you:
– A quick summary of what clients want from their lawyers’ letters.
– Four suggestions for key techniques to deliver what the clients want.
– Examples from client care letters.

The article focuses on clients who need wills and probate services, and is based on published and unpublished research as well as common sense. It appeared in PS Magazine, the Law Society’s journal for private client solicitors in England and Wales, in February 2019. Read it here: Writing wrongs.


Sample: what you can achieve in a letter of engagement

This example shows what you can do with just two of the four techniques:

  • Original text: This letter sets out the terms on which we are able to assist you in respect of the matter for which you are seeking legal advice. We will take your instructions and assist you on the following terms.
  • Revised. This letter sets out the terms on which we can help you.



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