Can a contract be written so as to defy interpretation by determined and skilful lawyers and judges? Early on 6 June in the City of London, Simon Rainey QC will discuss, from 35 years’ experience of commercial disputes (including 10 years as a part-time judge):

  • How far can contract terms prevent (or provoke) disputes?
  • How far can contract terms help (or hinder) dispute resolution?
  • What difference does it make in practice, if the terms are readable or in traditional style?

I’ve written my answer and put it in a sealed envelope, and am now waiting to hear if it agrees with what Simon and other Clarity members say. There are still a few places available for Clarity members and anyone trying their first Clarity meeting. There is no charge. Register at Eventbrite: Can good contract drafting prevent disputes?

For more about Clarity, the international association for plain language in the law, see my article in the Law Society Gazette. For early notice of all meetings, plus the journal, why not join Clarity? A year’s subscription is $50. (The subscription goes to Clarity. My work for Clarity, like everyone else’s, is voluntary and unpaid.)

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