How can I help your business with plain English (that is, language and layout the reader can understand first time, with no back-tracking or confusion)?  I can help you do all this:

Simplify your most-used documents, or at least the ones you know are ripe for review. Make the new version quicker and easier to read, saving everyone time.

Translate your contract terms from legalese to simple, uncluttered text.

Pitch to new clients in the clearest, easiest text so nothing gets in the way of your message – why you are the right choice.

Create templates and precedents to save time and make sure you put first things first.

Teach your own people to write in plain language (or even plainer than they do now), so they can maintain and update your new documents, and write more, in the same clear style.

Install software to measure and improve plain English, so your business can monitor and improve clarity wherever you need it most.

Inspire your team to write documents that need no translating, even for those who aren't lawyers or for whom English is a second language.

Differentiate your business from your competitors' by writing to clients in the language of business, not the language of the law.

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